Good numbers at Mangakino drop-in clinic
6/05/2020 4:48:25 p.m.

Wednesday 6 May 

Nearly 70 people were tested for COVID-19 by the Lakes DHB Public Health nursing team at the drop-in swabbing clinic in Mangakino last Friday. There were also ten people swabbed for a sore throat to check for Strep A, which can lead to heart problems and rheumatic fever. 

Te Arawa Whānau Ora Mangakino Paeārahi Leanne Karauna says the drop-in clinic was a collaborative effort involving; Lakes DHB, Whānau Ora, Mangakino Family Services, Mangakino Health Services and Mangakino Orangatanga (a Lakes DHB hauora Māori forum in Mangakino). 

Leanne says everyone involved is very pleased at the great turn out. She says the team was able to clearly answer any concerns whanau had.

“It went very well and there was a positive attitude by everyone. A big mihi to whaea Yvonne Rogers. who maintained manaakitanga the whole time.” 

Leanne Karauna says when the approach is right Māori do access health services.
“I suppose for Māori it is often assumed we do not want to manage our health but when we are talking about and encouraging tino rangatiratanga; then given the option our whanau will step up and be accountable. It's how we ask them to step up by giving them the choice, the knowledge and the respect. Manaaki tangata!” 

Leanne says there was not a lot of time to plan for the drop in clinics but Facebook, messenger and word of mouth worked well to get people there on the day. 

Leanne says the feedback she heard was positive and included: 

Great to have this opportunity here in our town.”
“I have mild symptoms and wanted to get tested but didn’t want to go to Tokoroa - felt too risky.”
“As a kaumatua I am identified as vulnerable, so peace of mind to get tested.”
“I wish to visit my kuia as I know she is getting lonely, however I want to make sure that my runny nose is just that and I am not infecting her.”
“I have a new mokopuna I haven’t met yet I want to be safe for when I do get that chance.”
“Whanau briefly joined our bubble out of our control I want to know we remain safe and well.”
“Reassurance on lingering symptoms and the safety of my bubble.” 

And the feedback from the public health nursing team was – that the team loved the day, they said it was true community nursing and they want to provide more services in this way. 


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