Taupo pharmacists making it safe
12/04/2020 8:34:32 a.m.


Sunday 12 April 2020

Taupo pharmacists making it safe

Unichem Mainstreet Pharmacy owner Mike Riordan gives a strong shout out to his staff.

He owns four pharmacies in Taupo and says it was clear that he needed to close the two inside GP surgeries, with the state of emergency enforcement.

Times are difficult, and challenging, but the flexibility of staff has enabled them to keep things moving and meet customer needs. It’s all about teamwork and commitment to find new ways of working.

For Mike and his team, it means three separate teams, each with eight pharmacy staff. Two teams are working in Mainstreet and in Great Lake Unichem Pharmacies, while a third team is currently not working, but poised to act when needed.

Soon after the level 4 regulations came in, Mike says they put physical distancing markers in and people wait in an orderly queue outside the stores, with two metres between each customer.

Staff are triaging the customers, working out who needs a script filled and who needs a flu vaccine. Staff ash quick questions about travel and symptoms, and the customer goes to the right place.

No one is browsing, customers are asked what they want, staff get it, wrap and collect payment.

Mike says there’s been really strong uptake of the flu vaccine, and while the dispensary work was huge for the first week, it’s quietened down now.

Customers come in one door, and leave by another door, thanks to the premises design.

Mike says the support from customers has been amazing, and everyone is sticking to the rules to meet health and safety and to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.