Emergency Doctor Calls For Lockdown Adherence
10/04/2020 1:27:19 p.m.

Friday 10 April 2020



Rotorua Hospital’s head of Emergency Department wants the public to heed the Government’s guidance and avoid risky activities this Easter.

Dr Suzanne Moran says Easter Weekend last year was the busiest she has ever worked in a New Zealand hospital since she emigrated over eight years ago.  A high number of presentations were for broken bones needing treatment. 

The hospital’s ED has made changes to how it works in face of the threat of COVID-19 and this weekend could be a challenge if it is under the same pressure as last year.

“We’re feeling this might be the test of how well people are adhering to the lockdown,” she says.

“Every time someone comes into the hospital it puts staff and the patient at risk. We need people to do as they have been told.

“We want to be able to concentrate on people who are sick, whether it’s COVID-19 or not. We need to concentrate our efforts where they are most needed.

“We don’t want to take our attention away from that – people are still going to have heart attacks and strokes and we have got to look after these people as well.”

Anyone requiring medical care is asked to consider the appropriate level of care required.

Healthline is available 24 hours a day on 0800 611 116. If you need to see a GP please visit an after-hours service, in Taupo call your regular GP for the on-call GP. If in Rotorua call Lakes Primecare on 07 348 1000. If it is an emergency call 111.

Dr Moran says since arriving in New Zealand eight years ago from Liverpool, UK, last year was the “busiest Easter I have ever worked”.

It was her first month at Rotorua Hospital, having previously worked at Tauranga Hospital.

“There were a lot of orthopaedic patients (people with broken bones) and that’s what made it busy. I’m hoping this Easter is very, very different.”


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