New Chief Operating Officer appointed for Lakes DHB
27/06/2019 11:12:24 a.m.

Thursday 27 June 2019

New Chief Operating Officer appointed for Lakes DHB

Lakes DHB Chief Executive Nick Saville-Wood is pleased to announce the appointment of Alan Wilson as the new Chief Operating Officer for Lakes DHB. The Chief Operating Officer heads the provider arm, comprising Rotorua and Taupo Hospitals and community based health care services.

Alan Wilson has extensive operational management experience and is regarded as a high performer within all areas of the wider health system.

He has held chief operating and general management positions in both secondary and tertiary level DHBs in New Zealand where he has led hospital and community clinical services, non-clinical services and managed facilities.

This experience has included senior roles in a range of DHBs including Bay of Plenty, Counties-Manukau and large chief operating officer roles in Waitemata DHB and Australian health organisations (Northern Territory Department of Health and Families).

In his most recent role, Alan Wilson reported to the chief Executive of Uniting Care Queensland – Blue Care, with responsibility for aged care and disability of 20 resident aged care facilities and up to 50 community-based services across Regional and Remote Queensland. In addition he was the Executive Director for Australian Regional and Remote Community Services (ARRCS) reporting directly to the board of ARRCS and responsible for 10 aged care facilities and community services in the Northern Territory. Many of these facilities were remote and provide services principally to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

Alan Wilson holds formal management qualifications in accounting and finance along with a clinical background in nursing (Master of Nursing Studies). He will be returning from Australia to take up his new role in early August.

Nick Saville Wood says the DHB and Board acknowledges and thanks the Acting COO Greg Vandergoot for his leadership and commitment during the first half of this year which has been an extremely challenging period with high volumes, heavy staffing workloads and strike action. Greg will continue in the acting role until Alan Wilson joins the DHB.