APEX claims “incorrect and misleading”
18/02/2019 8:39:08 a.m.

Monday 18 February 2019

APEX claims “incorrect and misleading”

Comments by APEX that the Ministry of Health and the Minister of Health are interfering in the bargaining process between DHBs and unions are incorrect and misleading.

DHBs are responsible for negotiating settlements, not the Ministry or the Minister. DHBs consult with the Ministry during bargaining, as required by legislation.

The New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000 allows DHB Chief Executives to enter into a collective agreement subject to consultation with the Director-General of Health. As part of the consultation process, settlement offers are assessed against the Government Expectations on Employment Relations in the State Sector.

The Government communicated its Expectations in March 2018 and, consistent with previous Government Expectations, included a requirement that where an agency is seeking to pursue a course of action in bargaining that is at odds with the Government’s stated Expectations, then ministerial approval is required.

A copy of the Government Expectations on Employment Relations in the State Sector can be found on the State Services Commission website.