Our graduating new nurses and the parable of the pencil maker
17/12/2018 4:48:11 p.m.

Monday 17 December 2018


Our 2018 graduating new nurses and the parable of the pencil maker

The 20 nurses who have now completed their new graduate year in the Nurse Entry to Practice (NETP) and Nurse Entry to Specialty Practice (NESP) formally graduated today.

Parents, friends and family and a range of staff attended the ceremony in the CSB conference room, with Gary Lees, the Director of Nursing and Midwifery commenting how great it was to see such a large group attending.

Nina Dobson, Associate Director of Nursing for Professional Development handed each of the new nurses a pencil with a colourful rubber on the end. She then went on to use the Parable of the Pencil Maker story to outline what the new nurses had in common with their pencil, namely:

1. Being a new nurse meant they had to allow themselves to be held in someone else’s hand, and this would require humility.

2. Sharpening is painful but critical. Feedback while painful at times, was needed to improve, as was continuing education, observation and experience.

3. Because the pencil has a rubber or eraser the new nurses could correct most mistakes they would make. Embrace these mistakes as opportunities to learn and become better.

4. Remember that it’s what is on the inside that is most important. Everyone has a role and teamwork can produce amazing outcomes with vibrancy and energy.

5. Whatever the surface, the nurses were urged to make sure they leave their mark and not to under estimate their influence on others. They were reminded that during their day they would touch or nurture someone, or their words would help start a change

Nina Dobson urged the new nurses never to give up, reminding them that both patients and staff depend on them.
“Hold on to your vision even when it seems it has dimmed or others can’t see it. Others are counting on you to take them where you are going,” she added.

She encouraged the new nurses to keep their pencils to remind them of today’s graduation, their achievements and what they would all be capable of in the future. 

Standing L-R: Kevin Villasan, Samantha Nair, Joan Layug, Pare Raupita, Sonia Lewis, Lyteah Alexander, Andrea Crengle, Millie Coleman, Frances Oakley, Phillippa McNeish, Rochelle Hansen, Loveleen Kaur
Seated L-R: Mandy Hall, Kenji Villasan, Riana de Thierry, Shannon de Thierry, Jamie Thompson, Samantha Wisemantel, Jasmine Hoffman, Sophie Southall