Christmas Cheer for Children’s Unit thanks to Countdown supermarkets
3/12/2018 8:05:06 a.m.

Monday 3 December 2018

Christmas cheer for Children’s Unit thanks to Countdown supermarkets

The Children’s Unit at Rotorua Hospital is thrilled with the donation of $66,000 from the three local Countdown supermarkets. 

The cash donation is part of the Countdown annual Kids Hospital Appeal fundraising campaign run nationally for three months, with the $66,000 being what local stores have raised towards the effort.

Staff from the three local Countdown supermarkets have run a range of fundraising events.

The presentation was made late in November at the Countdown store in Fenton Street.

Children’s Unit Clinical Nurse Manager Erin Carn-Bennett says the DHB was absolutely thrilled to receive such a substantial sum. She says the amount received was way higher than the DHB had been expecting, and says staff are overwhelmed by the generosity of all the Countdown staff and people from throughout the local community.

She says the money will be spent on play equipment for children DHB-wide. In the Children’s Unit, the whanau room will be upgraded and a treatment room will be turned into a teen lounge. Students from Taupo Nui a Tia High School have been involved in the project to design the teen lounge as a school project.

Donated funds will also be used to purchase a bilirubinometer - a device which screens for jaundice without a blood test. Jaundice is common in newborns in the DHB area, occurring in up to 80 per cent of infants, but is  more common in premature infants, and if not identified and treated, can cause a serious condition resulting in brain damage.

The new device will be used at maternity services prior to discharge to ensure infants at risk are identified early
Lakes DHB received $34,000 from the Countdown Kids’ Hospital Appeal two years ago.