Lakes DHB achieves 100,000th vaccination dose
22/09/2021 4:53:35 p.m.

Wednesday 22 September 2021

Lakes DHB achieves 100,000th vaccination dose

Charlotte Brady said getting her COVID-19 vaccination was an easy decision to make. 

On Wednesday the 28-year-old Pukehangi, Rotorua resident received her second dose as the total vaccinations for the Lakes DHB region ticked over the 100,000 number.

Charlotte, sales and marketing manager at Zorb, said she was excited to be part of such a milestone.

“It’s a credit to all the hard work everyone has been doing. I got mine to protect my family; I’ve got a few family members who are more high risk. Plus one day I hope to be able to travel again.

“It wasn’t as bad as I remember immunisations at school. There was a lot of reassurance and I think people are opening up more to having it done.”

Charlotte had her first vaccine in July while in Alert Level 1. Since then, due to the sudden change to Alert Level 4, the Rotorua Covid-19 Immunisation Hub has changed its look.

There’s no waiting room or observation waiting space. Instead there are four rows of vaccination booths and once checked in customers are taken to their booth where they remain for their vaccination and observation period. Everyone coming in must wear a face covering.

“It’s probably been quite challenging with the changes in the levels,” Charlotte said.

“I had my first done in Level 1 in July and the place looks so different.”

Charlotte was checked in at reception and brought to a booth of her own where she was administered the vaccine by registered nurse Janet France-Goss.

Janet has been working at the hub since it opened in March.

“It’s been a slow creep to get here, when we first started we were doing just 30 a day and now we’re doing over 1000 across the region.

“I remember when, with 350, we were wondering how we were going to do it but now 700 feels like a slow day.

“Everyone coming in is very positive. We’re striving for the 90 percent.”

Before the vaccination programme started Janet was a nurse in the Rotorua Hospital Children’s Unit.

She said working mainly with adults was very different, especially as they were “well people coming for something they want”.

Also getting vaccinated yesterday were Western Heights High School students Ngawai Clendon and Haeun Kang, both 18.

“It was just a pinch,” said Ngawai (Ngati Porou, Tuhoe).

‘If you get your vaccine you’re looking after everyone in your community.”

Haeun said she was intending to go to Auckland to study next year and wanted to keep herself safe.

“I felt there were more pros than cons. I’d tell other young people to trust your own instincts rather than caring what other people think.

“It’s for you, not them, and be aware that you’re keeping everyone else safe as well.”

Lakes DHB’s Covid-19 vaccination programme got underway on February 27 with Managed Isolation Facility workers and their household contacts.

The hub in Central Mall opened on March 16 and a hub opened in Taupō on May 28. There have also been outreach clinics on marae, in drive-throughs and in aged residential care facilities, among others.

The 100,000 doses includes first and second doses and represents almost 17,000 vials.

To book your Covid-19 vaccination go to or call 0800 28 29 26.