Lakes DHB whānau invited to celebrate breastfeeding with Big Latch on
1/08/2018 11:10:51 a.m.

Wednesday 1 August 2018

Lakes DHB whānau invited to celebrate breastfeeding with Big Latch on

Lakes DHB is encouraging breastfeeding mothers and their whānau across the Lakes region to celebrate breastfeeding at Big Latch On events in Rotorua, Taupo and Turangi, this week.

The ‘Big Latch On’ is a global event which is organised as part of World Breastfeeding Week (August 1-7) to support women who breastfeed, and show that breastfeeding is a normal part of everyday life. The Big Latch On sees groups of breastfeeding mothers and their whānau come together to celebrate breastfeeding and to join thousands of other women around the world breastfeeding their babies at the same time in public.

Lakes Baby Service Co-ordinator and Lactation Consultant Amy Wray says the day is really about celebrating breastfeeding mums and their successes, normalising breastfeeding in public and raising awareness in local communities around New Zealand. It’s a fun morning with the focus on the women and achieving their goals. The Big Latch On is an inclusive event, providing an opportunity for women to make new friends, connect with support in their community, and feel more confident about breastfeeding (particularly in public).

Amy Wray says last year about 80 women participated in the Big Latch On in Rotorua, 25 in Taupo and 20 in Turangi and the day is growing in popularity. There will be morning tea and a great range of spot prizes as well as a range of stalls from local businesses and providers.

“The Big Latch On is successful because it operates at a grass roots level. There are hundreds of venues throughout the country, but each event is unique, designed by members of the community, to suit the needs of the community,” Amy Wray says.

Amy says the Ministry of Health recommends that mothers exclusively breastfeed their babies for the first six months and then continue to breastfeed along with the introduction of solid foods.

“Breastfeeding is important for the health and wellbeing of both a mother and her baby and lays the foundation for a healthy life through adulthood,” Amy Wray says.

Friday 3rd August - 10:00am
• Rotorua – Harvest Centre, 324 Malfroy Road
• Taupo- Friday 10am Parents Centre and Rotary House.
• Turangi - Friday 10am Hydro Cafe Turangi.

Lakes DHB’s community lactation service started up in April 2016 and has been seeing an average of 50 mothers a month.

Lakes DHB is very excited to be providing a free community breastfeeding service to support women to breastfeed their babies.

Lactation consultants, in Rotorua, Taupo and Turangi assist local women with breastfeeding including regular drop-in breastfeeding clinics in the community and home visits as needed.

Women wanting to access the free community lactation support can ring 0800 LakesBaby (0800 525 372).

Founded in New Zealand in 2005, the Big Latch On has gained publicity around the world with 23 countries now participating.

Those who cannot attend a Big Latch On event don’t need to miss out! A virtual Big Latch On event has been created via the Big Latch On Facebook page which encourages breastfeeding mums to post breastfeeding selfies with the hashtag #biglatchonNZ or #BrelfieNZ.

For more information about Big Latch On events and World Breastfeeding Week, visit