Midland Trauma System Roadshow @ Rotorua Hospital
2/10/2017 12:26:58 p.m.

Monday 2 October 2017

Midland Trauma System Roadshow @ Rotorua Hospital

Figures for 2016 collected as part of the Midland Trauma System show that pushbike-related accidents account for 13 per cent of all trauma admissions at Lakes DHB hospitals. Trauma Nurse Specialist Cherry Campbell says half of those patients admitted are not from the Lakes DHB area. 

Falls make up the majority of trauma cases in the Lakes area.

Just over half, or 55 per cent of trauma admissions to Rotorua and Taupo Hospitals are European, with 36 per cent Maori, and two thirds of the trauma patients for the 2016 year were male.

In general, most of the trauma admissions are during the summer months.

The trauma figures for the five Midland DHBs for the four year period 2012-16 clearly show that falls dominate in trauma cases. Over the four years, 1874 were falls-related admissions including falls at home and skiing on Mt Ruapehu and the Tongariro track. Some 500 falls were pushbike-related.

The third most common cause for a trauma admission were those people who were struck by machinery, sports equipment and being struck by horses and cows.

Road traffic crashes were the fifth most common cause of trauma, followed by motorbike crashes.

Assaults, burns, pedestrian accidents and dog bites were the next most common causes of admissions.

Cherry Cambell says the figures over the last four years show that most assaults occur in the evening and early hours of the morning, usually in the home and very often on the weekend. She adds that three quarters of the victims of assault in the Lakes DHB area were male.

A Midland Trauma System roadshow is being held at Rotorua Hospital on Friday 6 October, between 9am and noon. Trauma staff will have a range of graphs and information available, and by using a special computer programme, they will be able to help interested people calculate their risk of injury, related to their age, gender and where they live.

A range of emergency service and recreational groups have also been invited to be part of the roadshow. There will also be giveaways and a competition at the roadshow, with a large first aid kit from St John as a main prize.