The Lakes Way


“THE LAKES WAY” - a outlines Lakes DHB's commitment to our consumers.which governs our approach for the foreseeable future.

Launched early in 2014, THE LAKES WAY defines what patients can expect from Lakes DHB, its services and staff. It lays out how we promise to provide care for our patients through the three Cs – caring, communicating and consistency.

THE LAKES WAY also outlines the ways in which our staff will behave with patients, so as to provide the best possible care for our patients: 

• We will treat you and your family with respect

•We will make choices available to you

•We will treat you with dignity

•We will respect your individual beliefs

In terms of communicating with our patients, THE LAKES WAY promise to patients spells this out:

•We will listen

•We will keep you informed

•We will answer your questions

THE LAKES WAY promise to patients also emphasises consistency:

•We will keep you safe

•We will provide you with the best possible care

Part of the process of developing THE LAKES WAY flowed out of discussion about the problems identified from patient feedback relating to issues with communications between our staff and patients. Our clinical staff are very busy and sometimes it is easy to forget the people aspect of communication.

The visual of the pledge to patients outlines what a patient can expect when they enter a DHB facility and how they can expect our staff to interact with them on their journey through our services.

Click here to download the .pdf DLE of the promise to patients from THE LAKES WAY