iCAMHS Rotorua information for referrers

iCAMHS: Infant, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service


We offer a secondary, specialist mental health assessment and treatment service to children, adolescents and their families and whanau from 0-18 years of age.


Referrals can be made by GPs, doctors, schools, public health nurses, other agencies and other health related specialties.


A referral needs to made in writing (you may chose to use the attached referral form and must contain information regarding:

  • Referral Question: what would you like to have further explored?
  • Examples of the issues, including duration, intensity and environments in which it occurs.
  • What has already been tried? What interventions have been utilised, other agencies involved.
  • Are there care and protection concerns? Has a notification to Child, Youth and Family already been made?
  • Family make up, including who had legal guardianship of the child and current address and phone numbers.
  • Ethnicity, cultural background
  • Is the child and family aware of and in favour of this referral?


iCAMHS operates within the Choices and Partnership Approach to our service delivery,  new referrals are seen wherever possible within a six-week period for routine referrals, our response to urgent referrals will be within three working days.  Crisis Assessment and Treatment are to be directed through the CATT team on 0800 166 167

If you have questions regarding your referral during office hours, please contact: John Turner, Intake/Triage/Consult and Liaison via 07 343 5010 or email to infoiCAMHS@lakesdhb.govt.nz.


Click here to access the i-CAMHS Rotorua information brochure. 



Following acceptance of referral, each child and family is appointed a Choice clinician who will meet with them to determine their goals and establish if iCAMHS is the most appropriate service for them.

The child and family will then either be signposted on to another provider, offered a Partnership with a key worker for specific intervention or if the query is around ADHD or ASD they may be placed onto the ADHD/ASD Pathway for further assessment and treatment*.


We assess for, but not limited to:

Mood disorders, attachment disorders, eating disorders, psychotic illness, self-harm, suicidal thoughts/feelings, childhood trauma, ADHD, ASD

Assessment and Treatment modalities:

Psychotherapy and  play therapy, family therapies, CBT, DB informed treatment, psychosocial interventions, psychoeducation, psychometric testing, Maudsley Family Based Therapy,



Service exclusions:

Conduct disorder, uncomplicated grief/bereavement, sexual abuse, moderate to severe intellectual disability




Referral form,

MoH service specs - Tier 1

MoH service specs - Tier 2

MoH servcie specs - Tier 3

Comprehnsive Assessment Pathway for ADHD / ASD / Co-morbid

Nationwide Service Framework Library - www.nsfl.health.govt.nz/ 

ADHD and ASD :

Cultural Guidelines

Te Pou Talking Therapies for Asian People
Te Pou Talking Therapies for Maori People
Te Pou Talking Therapies for Pasifika People

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