Coming To Hospital

If you have an appointment for surgery, or have an arranged admission, go straight to the unit (ward) indicated in your appointment.

The unit receptionist will introduce you to the staff.

We will place an identification bracelet on your wrist.  This will help us double check your identity before undertaking any tests or treatments. Please wear it all all times, while you are with us.

It includes your own personal identification number which is used by hospitals and other health services throughout New Zealand.

The Lakes DHB Information for patients and visitors is available by clicking here.

Valuables and Personal Belongings In Hospital
Lakes DHB does not accept responsibility in the event of loss or theft of any personal property retained by you.

We encourage you not to keep any valuable jewellery, or large sums of money with you.  However you may need a phone card or coins if you wish to make telephone calls or purchase newspapers.

Things You Will Need In Hospital
Where possible, please label clearly:
- Nightwear and dressing gown
- Casual clothing / track suit
- Toothbrush and toothpaste
- Soap and shampoo
- Tissues
- Brush and comb
- Shaving gear
- Slippers
- Phone card
- Containers or cases for glasses, hearing aids or dentures
- Walking stick or frame
- Books
- Writing materials
- Small hobby work (optional)
- You may use your own pillow and bed linen if you wish (please make it easily identifiable).

If you are taking any medications (pills, medicines or herbal remedies) please bring them with you and hand them to the nursing staff who will record what you are taking.

For those patients who are taking rongoa Maori, please advise your nurse or a member of the Maori health team, as some rongoa may affect prescribed medication.

If there are details of any treatment you need or allergies that you have please tell us.

The doctor will need to review your medication and any changes will be discussed with you.  We recommend you dispose of any pills/medicines that have been stopped.  Your nurse or midwife can help you with this.

We urge you not to:
- wrap your dentures in tissues
- slip them under or into your pillow
- leave them on meal trays or loose on locker tops

We would prefer that you bring your own cleaning/storage container with you.  In am emergency  or if you forget, please ask staff for a plastic denture container.
Every care is taken but Lakes District Health Board cannot accept responsibility for lost or broken dentures.

Spectacles and Hearing Aids
We encourage you to bring the case for these items, to ensure their stafety when you are not wearing them.

Patient Handbook
Click here to view the latest patient handbook.