Speech-Language Therapy



Service Delivery

Inpatient and outpatient speech-language therapy service is provided to increase communication, speech and/or language skills.

The team members are based at Rotorua Hospital (in the Rehabilitation Unit) with a visiting service provided to Taupo.  Service provided to all age groups, on medical referral.

The speech language therapists see patients with communication / language / swallowing / memory-cognitive linguistic difficulties following a stroke as inpatients, outpatients and also in the community and in rest homes.

They also work with adult clients with dysphonia, laryngectomee, apraxia, stuttering, reading and writing difficulties following a stroke.   The team members help train patients in the use of electronic communication devices/ aids. The therapists also see children up to three years of age with speech / language delays, children within the autistic spectrum, children with feeding difficulties including those with cleft palate, tongue ties, cerebral palsy and children with voice disorders.

The therapists do regular video swallow studies for both inpatients as well as outpatients- adults and children and hold aphasia groups through the week. Please contact them at Rotorua Hospital (07 348 1199) if you have any questions 

Team Members/Contacts

Name Designation Ext
Naomi Bondi Staff Speech-Language Therapist /Team Leader (Acting)


Sarah Huckstep

Staff Speech-Language Therapist


Abigail Akkersma

Staff Speech-Language Therapist



Administration Support

Email for referrals: Speech.therapy@lakesdhb.govt.nz