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The Rotorua area and Bay of Plenty region has plenty of quality activities to do.  So whether you are looking for adventure, excitement, fun and entertainment, or just a relaxing lifestyle taking in the pleasures of this picturesque region, you can do it all and more in Rotorua and the Bay of Plenty. 

The following websites have great information about Rotorua...

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Information about life in Rotorua

and New Zealand in general...

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Rotorua city is renowned for its geothermal activity.  It is located just under three hours drive south of Auckland, which has all the facilities of a city of a million people.  

Rotorua has several lakes within a 20 minute drive from the centre of the city.  It is also centrally situated to beaches on both coasts of New Zealand – being a 45 minute drive from some of the countries most popular east coast beaches and approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours drive from some west coast beaches. Some of New Zealand’s best ski fields are only 2 hours drive away and other recreational facilities in towns such as Hamilton and Tauranga, are also close to Rotorua. 

Rotorua provides scenic walks, beautiful forests, mountain biking, golfing opportunities, some of the best fishing in NZ and many other various activities surrounding the lakes and the geothermal activity.

Food lovers - Rotorua has a great cafe scene with other fine restaurants and drinking establishments.  There is a full array of international foods and dishes at the various restaurants as well as local and New Zealand cuisine.


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