Recruitment Agencies (Employment)


We realize that it is not always only you relocating, but in some cases your family as well.  Here are a list of some employment agencies based in Rotorua.  

If your spouse, child or partner is a Health Professional, please let us know.

Agency Address Telephone (international)
Focus on Jobs Rotorua 1141 Pukaki Street + 64 7 343 7093
Omnistaff Personnel Consultants Floor 2, 304 Building Tutanekai Street + 64 7 348 8331
Temp Resources, Personnel Resources 5th Floor, Zens Centre, Arawa Street + 64 7 348 2424

Website only  

Note: this llst is not exhaustive, as there are other Recruitment Agencies in the Rotorua/Bay of Plenty area.  Have a look on the Yellow Pages website for more details (click on the picture to access).Yellow Pages 

14/08/2009 3:20 p.m.
Desiree Edwards