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Setting up in New Zealand 

Houses - Buying or Renting? 
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For a list of New Zealand Real Estate Agents please visit this website Telephone - Local calls are free of charge and you pay for calls outside your district i.e. Rotorua to Ngongotaha are free, but Rotorua to Taupo are classed as ‘toll calls’.  The Bay of Plenty’s area code is (07) and within that area are the districts - to view a map of the area go to the Yellow Pages website, click on maps at the bottom right, then Bay of Plenty (number 4).



Renting - If you don’t want to buy a home or you’re not ready to as yet, there are many rentals to choose from; the notice board in the hospital café ‘Caffiend’ always has plenty displayed, and the Human Resources department has a database of those that are notified through HR.  

It is usually easy to find rental accommodation in New Zealand.  When using a real estate agent or letting centre, there may be a service fee to pay. When renting a property, a bond must be paid to the Tenancy Tribunal – your rental agency or landlord will provide assistance with this.  Bond money is a specified amount paid and is refunded at the end to the lease unless there is any damage to the property. Bond will usually be equivalent to 2 to 4 weeks rent.  Landlords normally request two weeks rent to the paid before the tenant moves in.  Most rental properties are either unfurnished or semi-furnished.  Local papers such as The Daily Post have accommodation listings. Most of the Real Estate Agents have a Rental Agency attached to their business.

Buying - The average house in New Zealand has 3 bedrooms, with brick or weatherboard external walls and is generally on a section 600-800 square meters. 

There are few telephone providers to choose from:


Company Telephone
Telecom Dial 123 from any landline
Telstraclear For residential customers within NZ dial 0508 888 800
From outside NZ + 64 9 913 9150
Vodafone Dial 0800 8000 21 from any landline

Here are contact details of the main power companies:

Company Telephone
Energy Online

(09) 361 2154

Trustpower Ltd

0800 87 87 87

Meridian Energy

0800 496 496

Genesis Energy

Powershop  0800 100060

A deposit is sometimes required to connect any electricity, gas and the telephone to your home. If you are considering bringing electrical appliances to New Zealand they will need to be adapted to the New Zealand voltage of 230volts, 50 hertz.


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