Maori Health



In 1880 the Ngati Whakaue tribe made a gift of the hill known as Pukeroa to the people of Rotorua to build a hospital that would serve this area and all who came.  By 1915 the Rotorua Cottage Hospital had been set up to treat soldiers returning from World War 1. 

Today the people and visitors to Rotorua are the users of that far-sighted gift and the developments that have taken place upon Pukeroa. Ngati Whakaue has retained their special relationship to this place and has active and continuing interest in all developments at the hospital.

The Lakes District Health Board has a Treaty of Waitangi Policy which incorporates the Treaty in the services we provide and reflects the commitment of the DHB. Major government documents have been released to ensure the improvement of Maori Health – He Korowai Oranga and Whakatataka. 

At Lakes DHB we measure performance and monitor our work in four areas. By:

  • Forming relationships with Tangata Whenua (the indigenous people of the land)
  • Recognising and providing for Maori interests
  • Being responsive to Maori needs
  • Ensuring equal opportunities for Maori at all levels of the organisation

Maori health improvement is a priority for Lakes and you will see during orientation and over the next few weeks, the level of that commitment reflected in the training opportunities and staff support we provide so that the care delivered to Maori is appropriate and at the leading edge in the country.

  • You will meet the Hunga Manaaki and Te Oranga teams in clinical situations within Rotorua and Taupo hospitals.
  • You will also be in contact with the Te Whakaruruhau unit which develops and monitors organisational policy, plans and service delivery to Maori.
  • The General Manager – Maori Health and team are located within the DHB and work at a DHB regional level.
  • Maori Mental Health support is provided by Po Te Atatu at the Rotorua Hospital inpatient unit and in Rotorua and Taupo communities.
  • All these Maori teams are known collectively as Te Huinga Takiora Maori.

Sessions with these teams are necessary during your orientation and regular times are set side for you to attend.Please feel free to contact us for more information at Te Whakaruruhau – B Floor Edward Guy Wing.

We welcome you here with these words:

Kia pai te whakatere I te waka
Kei pariparia e te tai
Ka monenehu te kura nei

Steer with skill the canoe
Lest the outgoing tide endangers the lives of those onboard.

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14/08/2009 3:17 p.m.
Desiree Edwards