Travel Assistance - Lakes DHB Transport Service

National Travel Assistance and Services available

to NTA registered patients from the Lakes DHB area

The National Travel Assistance Scheme may help you with travel expenses when your specialist refers you to see a specialist in a different location. Both specialists must be working at a publicly funded or publicly funded health care facility.

If you answer yes to any of the following you are most likely eligible for National Travel Assistance and should call the Lakes DHB NTA coordinator to register and enquire about the services we offer.

If you have been referred from one specialist to another specialist (not your GP/family doctor) and; 

Are a child and need to travel more than 80km one way to your
• A child with a community services card (or linked to parents) and need to more travel 25km one way to your appointment
• Are an adult with a community services card who needs to travel more than 80km one way to your appointment
• Or has 22 specialist visits within two months or
• Or has six specialist visits within six months and travels more than 25 km(child) or 50km(adult) one way to your appointment

Lakes DHB Transport Service


• This service is for Lakes DHB patients needing transport to attend out of town health related appointments. (NTA eligibility criteria applies)
• All patients must be registered for National Travel Assistance before using this service.
• There is no charge for using this service.
• Pick up is from patient's home address, if you live in a rural area you will be required to catch the transport at an advised meeting point.
• The service is available in Rotorua, Taupo and Turangi.
• The times the transport leaves are determined by the appointment times each day.
• All bookings must be made through the NTA coordinator no later than 4.00pm the day before your appointment. 

Please note: Staff are not available to take bookings/enquiries on weekends and public holidays.


Private Vehicle Mileage

If you are eligible for NTA and choose to take your own vehicle you can claim back your mileage. 


• Printable claim forms are available by clicking the link below
• Forms are also available at most hospitals from the main reception.
• You can also call your coordinator to send you a claim form in the post.
• These must be taken to your appointment and stamped and signed by the attending facility/department.
• These claims are then processed by the National office in Wellington. Postal information is located on the claim form.
• Reimbursement is calculated at 0.28c per km, distance is calculated from patient’s home address to the attending facility.

Accommodation Costs

If you are eligible and your accommodation is approved by your referring specialist, you can claim for some assistance


• You can contact the NTA coordinator who can make the accommodation booking on your behalf at one of our preferred accommodation providers.
• Or you can make your own arrangements and claim back some of your accommodation costs.


For any further enquiries please contact the Lakes District Health Board’s National Travel Assistance office on 0800 768 537.

Useful Links

Link for registration

Link for claim form

Entitlement to NTA guide

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Link for Ministry of Health Website National Travel Assistance Section

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