Te Ara Tauwhirotanga workforce

 Mental Health and Addictions Workforce Capability and Capacity Survey

Te Ara Tauwhirotanga, the mental health and addiction model of care identifies that people who work in the Mental Health and Addiction sector whether in government or non-government organisations are competent in what they do, are helpful, caring and kind.

To support staff through being listened to and nurtured professionally, this is reflected in their relationships with those they work with and their family/whānau. The model identifies that the workforce mirrors the community that they work within.

The Te Ara Tauwhirotanga Implementation group understands the need to know our current workforce capabilities and capacity to determine any gaps that can be addressed to best meet the needs of our population (people who access our services).

This was done by completing an assessment of who is working in the MH&A sector, both Hospital and Community providers. Click here to read more.



Innovative approach to improve services for Maori


The Lakes DHB Mental Health and Addiction Service is taking another proactive step to realise Te Ara Tauwhirotanga with monthly wānanga with Hone Hurihanganui of Engaging Well Limited. 

CND Joanna Price says there was a great turn out of staff to the first wānanga in February 2021.

“We are so excited to embark upon this mahi with Hone as we in mental health and addiction services work harder to meet the needs of Māori and their whānau. We are excited to change the landscape to serve our community in a culturally appropriate and person centred way,” Jo says.
Hone Hurihanganui will be familiar to many at Lakes DHB as he has been providing cultural competence education at Lakes DHB over the last four years. Click here for more.



Sector wide trauma informed training day

The sector wide training day in Ocotber 2020 was an action step specific to Te Ara Tauwhirotanga’s theme of ‘growing the capability of the workforce’.

Its intent was to enable all persons in a ‘helping’ role to respond better to persons, across the life course who experience unwellness/distress in relation to past and active psychological, cultural and physical trauma. Click here to read more.

Mental Health and Addiction Service leadership Te Ara Tauwhirotanga wānanga


The Mental Health and Addiction service Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and clinical managers recently spent a day in a Te Ara Tauwhirotanga planning workshop.

Team members discussed the heart and soul of Te Ara Tauwhirotanga and what it means to live the model rather than applying it.

Service Manager Michael Bland set the scene talking about the history of Rotorua and the significance of Pukeroa hill gifted to enable healthy communities. He set the challenge to “Re-imagine mental health & addiction services”. Click here to read more.