Mauri Ora new mental health inpatient facility

The announcement in September that the Mauri Ora business case for a new mental health inpatient facility has been accepted has generated a lot of excitement. 

Lakes DHB will get $25 million from the government towards the $31m project and will fund $6m itself.

The sector wide model of care Te Ara Tauwhirotanga “Pathways that lead to kindness” – with its three themes and 10 principles will underpin the design and operation of the new inpatient facility.

December 2020 has seen interviews to recruit architects, health planners and engineers ready to get started on the next stage of the building design process in the New Year.

A Mental Health Advisory Group is overseeing the DHB’s direct responsibility for implementation of Te Ara Tauwhirotanga. This includes the associated facilities and providers needed to deliver positive mental health outcomes for the Lakes population. Both Tuwharetoa and Te Arawa are represented on this group. 

There is a wide range of work streams and projects reporting to this advisory group.

Te Ara Tauwhirotanga embodies the vision of the Lakes community for the mental health sector and is the guiding strategy for everything we do in the mental health and addiction sector to support wellbeing and improve services.  


Mauri Ora design team appointed

Chow Hill Architects Ltd has been appointed the architect for the Mauri Ora build. It has formed a team with IPM for the health planner Joanne Evans and TOA Architects for the cultural component. 

The complementary skills and experience of the three companies offers an integrated approach to health planning facility design and delivery. RCP (Resource Coordination Partnership) is providing the external project manager. 

WSP (formerly OPUS International) is the engineering team that will provide building services including engineering, fire, mechanical, geo-technical, acoustics and design.

Workshops with architects and project teams

The first intensive workshops between mental health services with the architectural and project management teams Chow:Hill, TOA, IPM and RCP took place in March 2021.

In early April, four user group meetings were held with the Mauri Ora team which included a group for consumers and whānau attended by two tangata whaiora from the mental health unit, a parent and five members of the consumer advisory group. This gave an opportunity for a wide audience to provide feedback on what is required to achieve good flow through the new building.

A discreet ceremony in March by a mana whenua representative marked the beginning of the site review, blessing the two sites marked for geotechnical investigation.