Consumer and Family/ Whānau Advisory Service
Consumer and Whānau Advisory Service

Lakes DHB has partnered with LinkPeople to redevelop the Consumer and Family/Whānau Advisory Services, through a co-designed process with the Consumer and Family/Whānau Advisors and providers. The services were redesigned to align with Te Ara Tauwhirotanga.

The main kaupapa of the Consumer Advisory Group is to embed the principles and themes of Te Ara Tauwhirotanga with a strong focus on consumers/service users. A key goal of the advisory services is to grow the capability of people with lived experience and their family/whānau, as advocates and representatives. This service provides advice and feedback to the sector from a lived experience perspective. Pictured here are: Wī Huata Family/Whānau Advisory Services and Jordy Bealing Consumer Advisor.


Key achievements for Consumer Advisory Service


Consumer Advisory Group launched
• The main kaupapa of the consumer advisory group is to embed the principles and themes of Te Ara Tauwhirotanga with a strong focus on consumers/service users.

Established feedback processes
• Process developed to ensure the consumer voice is represented on all
relevant mental health and addictions forums

Trust and visibility
• Building strong partnerships between Lakes DHB, consumers and providers to ensure project accountability and momentum

Tools and capability development
Building the capability of consumer representatives to develop tools and resources to support better engagement with Mental Health & Addiction services.


Focus for Family/Whānau Advisory Service

Family/whānau participation
• Improve relationship between mental health services and family/whānau
• Influence change at a policy level.

Develop tools and resources
• For better engagement with whānau/family
• Education and guidance for treatment process
• Raise awareness of whānau rights, how to meet their needs.

Workforce capability development
• Expert guidance and support to providers, different groups and forums, as an advocate for whānau
• Provide on-going mentorship of workforce to improve delivery of services to whānau.

Te ao Māori worldview
• Whānau are integral to a person's wellness and recovery journey
• Developing our services to be inclusive and holistic.