Gateway into Health

Gateway into Health Careers for young people

Gateway opens a new pathway from school to the world of work.  It's a great opportunity to blend school study with workplace learning and experience.  Units are assessed in the workplace, counting towards national qualifications.
Tertiarty Education Commission

Gateway into Health is a programme for medium to long term Workforce Develoment for young people - through a collaborative approach between Lakes DHB, Rotorua District Council, Rotorua Secondary Schools & Tertiary Education providers.

The objectives of this programme is to:

  • provide the opportunity to gain an insight into health professions inthe reality of the practise setting
  • ensure the student and the patient are kept safe at al times during the placement
  • deliver structured and individual work experience programmes which include personal objectives
  • ensure organisational risk relating to this programme is eliminated

We have had great success with this programme since it started in November 2007. 

We can offer placements within the hopsital if practicable.  We also periodically run health career presentations where health professionals will give a short presentation on their profession and a Q & A sessions is held the end.

If you are interested in taking part in this programme or have any queries please contact your school Gateway Coordinator or  contact me:

Shelley Solomon Ph 3499009 ext 8461


10/07/2017 10:45 a.m.
Desiree Edwards