Publication of Official Information Act requests

The following requests for information were answered under the Official Information Act:

December 2019

holter monitoring tests
hospital floor space

November 2019

Asian services
bed numbers 2017-18-19
chronic pain service
measles pop up clinics
skin cancer 
teenagers seeking treatment re: gender identity  

October 2019

babies and illicit drugs
ineligible patient debt
influence of drugs in ED
measles and vitamin A treatment
missed appointments
prostate cancer wait list
staff illness and vaccines
staff turnover
taxpayer and private operations
waiting list for aged home care support

September 2019

HPV vaccines in schools
winter illnesses

August 2019

baby after gender affirmation surgery
bullying and harassment Lakes DHB Harassment Procedure Lakes DHB Performance Management Policy
funding to Drug Foundation
health services in schools
percentage of Maori who have colonoscopies
stolen vehicles

 July 2019

acute and elective discharge case weights
children with flu
clinical priority assessment criteria
Electro convulsive therapy
imaging wait times, funding and FTE
inspection of brothels
integrated electronic records
Lakes DHB translator policy
maternity unit staff numbers
mothers and babies on drugs
prostate cancer wait times
termination of pregnancy service funding
vaccination rates for health workers

June 2019

sexual assault 
transgender services

 May 2019

deaths from negligence
deaths in mental health unit
dental service statistics
Maori health provider funding
maternity unit staffing
mental health statistics for Turangi
number of complaints 2017-April 2019
RMO strike costs
SMO costs for RMO strike
surgical mesh


April 2019

assaults on nurses
clinical trials
patients transferred from Christchurch
strike pay for SMOs

March 2019

ambulances for non-residents
anaesthetic technician strike effects
cancer wait times
career and salary progression framework
hospital admission for opioid use
increasing vaccination uptake rates
RMO strike costs
rural adjuster
sterilisation of equipment


February 2019

bed levers
climate change documents
home and community support contracts
public health promotion and Maori with disabilities
reportable mental health events 2016-18
surgical mesh
violent incidents 2016-18


January 2019

alcohol harm reduction activities and costs
audits of rest homes
bariatric surgery
bed numbers
car parking costs
education access for inpatient children
heat stroke
spending on social media
maternal mental heath service funding
maternal mental health service wait times
medical personnel FTE and clinical costs
mental health audits
PET machines and scans
staff assaults 2016-2019
vermin infestations and pest control

December 2018

fertility services for non-residents
use of pagers
use of faxes
Waitangi Tribunal 2575 Lakes DHB answers
brief intervention counselling

November 2018

adverse drug reactions
amount spent on facility based care
costs of recruitment
doctors' CME
FASD assessments
payments to other DHBs
radio active waste
RMO positions
surgical mesh
type and costs of energy used
unfilled vacancies


October 2018

admissions for prescription drug overdoses
cost of redundancies
bed numbers
cancelled surgery
child teeth extraction
data on video gaming addictions
length of maternity stay 2015-18
National Oracle Solution
staff computer viewing last five years
trans-gender services
use of social media influencers

 September 2018

Maori providers and criteria
surgical mesh
still births and maternity complaints
Electro-convulsive Therapy
hospital pharmaceutical budget
iCAMHS waiting lists
zero suicide policies
assaults on staff
complaints involving staff


August 2018

cancer surgical waitlists
multiple sclerosis staffing numbers
multiple sclerosis appointments
leave for mental health patients
hospital car parking revenue
 waiting times colonoscopy and gastroscopy
missed specialist appointments 2017-2018
psychologist appointments for mental health patients
multiple sclerosis staffing numbers
suicide prevention action plan


July 2018

Eye surgeons on call Dec-Jan
Medical practitioners charged with sexual assault
Medical Radiation Technologist staffing levels, radiology exams, waitlist, hours worked 2017/18
Sexual harassment complaints last five years
Process for confidential Board papers