Te Aka Matua Kaupapa Service - About Us


Our Vision
Te Aka Matua Service is committed to the achievement of health equity that results in Māori patients and their whānau being able to have at the least the same if not increased health status of those populations less impacted. Achieving health equity requires a whole of government and system approach and increased focus on improving access to services for Māori.  

Our Mission
Te Aka Matua Service mission is to: 
  • Support a focus on tangata whenua
  • Support transition from secondary specialist services to primary or community care
  • Prioritise māmā and pēpi, tamariki
  • Prioritise high need rangatahi, pakeke and koroua/ kuia

Service Structure (click on the image to open the PDF version)

(To be updated)

The Te Aka Matua Service office is situated at the front entrance to the main hospital (Rotorua), opposite the Security and Attendants' station.

Pou Manukura (Manager)
Leadership is provided by Whariki Gardiner, an experienced manager who is conversant in the Māori world.
Manawa Pou & Manawa Ora
The Manawa Pou are a small but focused team who are driven by the collective understanding of the importance of contributing to achieving Māori health equity for all Māori patients and their whanau. The teams take ownership and collective responsibility in efforts to deliver quality and culturally safe services.
Our dedicated team of Manawa Pou & Manawa Ora are:
  • Hinema Rurehe
  • Hubertus (Herbie) Langendoen
  • Hemi McKinney-Richards
  • Koro Tini (Casual)
  • Ange Tipu (Manawa Ora Community Mental Health) - Based at Te Ngako Pukaki Centre  (Mob. 027 276 8298)

Contact Details
T: (07) 349 9009 (extn 8829 or 8806)    Mob: 027 570 3286 - Whariki Gardiner, Pou Manukura (Manager) 


Annual Operational Plans
2017/18 Te Aka Matua Service Annual Operational Plan (in progress)
2018/19 Te Aka Matua Service Annual Operational Plan


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